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The Owner

Lauren Davis opened the doors of iCare in 2012, has a Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Development and has over a decade of experience working with children of varying ages, abilities and backgrounds. She grew up in Atlanta attending local schools and played Clarinet and was a ‘Silver Star’ at North Atlanta High School! Opening a childcare program within the city that raised her, where she now raises her four children allows her to serve her community in a meaningful way.

As a working mother of four and wife, she understands the importance of a childcare program that not only keeps each child safe but also engages and nurtures them everyday. Her close attention to detail has allowed her to extend her reach by hiring teachers who share her enthusiasm and passion for serving each child.

Lauren understands that kids learn through play and thrive when learning speaks to their individuality. The curriculum used at iCare integrates components of play-based and Montessori curriculum that creates an emergent curriculum that centers around the child’s interests. Additionally, she intentionally hires a Bilingual staff so students have opportunities to engage in a multicultural atmosphere.

When not working at iCare, she enjoys hosting friends and family at her home in Adair Park and finding ways to remain active! She can not wait to have your family join hers!


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